Monday, 26 October 2020

Are you a small business owner? Can you manage the operational risks in your business?

How can you manage your business successfully if you do not know anything about all the uncertainties that could make you fail?

Your operational risks are often vague and seemingly difficult to quantify but operational risk affect your people, process and systems and they are going to cause you to fail if you don’t identify and deal with them.

The size of your business or firm does not matter. If you have business objectives there are risks which will affect your ability to achieve them.

Yes, sure, you have locks on your doors, and possible have an alarm system. You have a sprinkler system; you have probably bought fire insurance too, and you may also have liability insurance. You are already dealing with some of your operational risks BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ONES YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT YET?

Do you have a system to identify, prioritize and manage your operational risks effectively? You do not need to control every risk; you just have to prioritize and do something about the ones that affect your objectives and could cause you the most damage.

Strange as it may sound everyone in your firm already knows where your risks are. The people who do the work generally know where the risks are, specifically in the tasks that they do – BUT they may not be aware of the true implications of those risks – and neither may you.

Our Online Mini-Course “Managing Operational Risk in a Small Business” is designed for small and medium sized organizations. It presents you with a structured approach for identifying, assessing and managing those risks.

Just give us 90 minutes of your time and a payment of a really LOW fee and the secrets of successful Operational Risk management are yours.

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