Wednesday, 25 November 2020

The NEW Google Pay - Free Recorded Webinar

In November 2020, Google announced the relaunch of Google Pay. Google Pay, which up-to-now was a relatively simple tap-to-pay app, will now become a complete financial service competing with the likes of Venmo, Mint, Apple Pay, and even some banks. 

The new Google Pay is already available through the Google Play store in the United States. The original and much less ambitious Google Pay has now been tagged as the "old version" and is still available.
This webinar (recorded live 24 November 2020) is an introduction to all the features of the NEW Google Pay as well as a comparison to the old version.

This webinar will give you an advance look at what you can expect to get from Google's latest version of this popular app that already has 150 million users in 30 countries. Find out about the three tabs, "PAY", "EXPLORE", & "INSIGHTS"; as well as what "PLEX" has to offer when it launches in 2021. 

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Monday, 16 November 2020

The problem with Artificial Intelligence ….. it’s artificial

There is a problem with artificial intelligence and that is because it is artificial. No amount of coding can replace human intelligence and more than that, intuition; the ability to see the bigger picture and to make the correct assumptions and decisions from a myriad of factors. Hence the major concerns that the overhyped driverless automobile will never really become a reality.

Let us look at a much simpler example, something that happened to me today and that has left me totally frustrated, with the amount of time wasted and the sheer incompetence of the technologists and the lack of understanding of business.

A close relative indicated that a certain Apple accessory would be a suitable gift for a coming birthday and given that the closest Apple Store to where I live is some 50 km distant (not to mention all the restrictions relative to the pandemic), I sat myself down to order the item online. I was quite happy to pay the exorbitant delivery charge as it was still cheaper than the cost of petrol, parking costs and the road tolls involved in getting there in person.

Great. I find the item I want, I enter my name and delivery address, mobile number and confirm that this is all ok and then proceed to the checkout. I enter my credit card details and my national ID number (a requirement in the country I live in), card expiry date and CSV number and hit enter ….. and?

Well then my problems began. A second or two later a message pops up on my screen “Thank you for submitting your card details. As soon as the credit card is authorised we will advise you”.

Odd that. I am used to getting an immediate confirmation of payment. After all, the amount is tiny too, in the region of $90. This was at 1:30 pm.

Five minutes later I get an SMS on my mobile with a link asking me to do a verification on the credit card details. The verification consists of confirming that it is my own credit card and confirming my address. The address verification is semi-automated. As soon as I begin entering the name of the town the system pulls up a list of towns to choose from. The same happens with the street names. All very smart. Then I have to enter my national ID number, and press submit.

At 5:07 pm I get another SMS. Big problem, I am told. Some of my credit card details are WRONG! Which ones? My address and my mobile number. Apple cannot process my order. They have the gall to give me the telephone number of the credit card company.

Well the details are NOT wrong! I have lived at my current address for 14 years now and it's the same one that shows on my credit card account that arrives in the post each month. I have had the same mobile number since mid-1999!

I try to telephone Apple, but after hanging on for what seemed an age I give up. My fuming is slowly rising to boiling point. It's then that I notice that the notification came through to me via WhatApp and possibly gives me a way to communicate with the folk who don't answer the phone. So I craft a diplomatic enquiry.

17:20 <This is wrong. Please call me>

17:54 <I am waiting for a reply...... Please!!!!>

I have just about given up when at 8:16 pm I get the following reply.

<credit card company claims they have different contact details of the credit card owner>

What follows becomes a comedy of errors.

I send a reply together with a copy of the address section of the last credit card account, clearly showing the same address, but to no avail. I am told that Apple can do nothing. I must contact the credit card company.

So, seeing that they won’t (or can’t) take my money I ask them to cancel the order. Yes, they can do that, they tell me, BUT am I aware that there is a 5% cancellation fee, with a minimum of $29? NO I am not. How, I wonder, are they going to collect the cancellation fee as they can’t charge my account (or can they if it suits them)?

I have no intention of contacting the credit card company and no, I am not cancelling the order either. So much for Artificial Intelligence which is clearly at the back of all this - one machine talking to another with not intuition. Any natural intelligence would have seen the stupidity of the two errors and adjusted for them.

Perhaps the paranormal will help and someone at Apple can organize a seance to contact Steve Jobs and ask him for a solution.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

PYMNTS study on the digital shopping experience

An overview of the recently released PYMNTS study on the digital shopping experience as told by a census-balanced panel of 2,170 consumers and 500 merchants in the U.S.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

2020-2021 Trends in Commercial Payments

Broad and rapid change in commercial banking and payments, from any given year to the next is not normally expected. The change process is one of continual evolution. Here are some key pointers for 2021.

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Covid-19: How to fix the economy -The Economist

Governments will have to deal with the economic fallout from the pandemic for decades to come. If they get their response wrong, countries risk economic stagnation and political division. Read more on this at


Wednesday, 11 November 2020

What is CPE (Continuing Professional Education)?

Continuing Professional Education or CPE as it is better known, is ongoing training for certified professionals that allows then to remain certified in certain fields. As an example all accounting professionals certified as CPAs or CMAs need to complete a specific number of CPE credit hours every year in order to maintain their credentials.

In Citadel Advantage's work with Illumeo, most of the online training programs that we offer carry CPE certification. 

 Find our more about CPE certifications offered at Illumeo HERE

To learn more about the Citadel Advantage programs offered by Illumeo please click HERE 

You can also examine Citadel Advantage's individual courses directly on the ILLUMEO website:

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  • Richard's courses - click HERE

Monday, 26 October 2020

Are you a small business owner? Can you manage the operational risks in your business?

How can you manage your business successfully if you do not know anything about all the uncertainties that could make you fail?

Your operational risks are often vague and seemingly difficult to quantify but operational risk affect your people, process and systems and they are going to cause you to fail if you don’t identify and deal with them.

The size of your business or firm does not matter. If you have business objectives there are risks which will affect your ability to achieve them.

Yes, sure, you have locks on your doors, and possible have an alarm system. You have a sprinkler system; you have probably bought fire insurance too, and you may also have liability insurance. You are already dealing with some of your operational risks BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ONES YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT YET?

Do you have a system to identify, prioritize and manage your operational risks effectively? You do not need to control every risk; you just have to prioritize and do something about the ones that affect your objectives and could cause you the most damage.

Strange as it may sound everyone in your firm already knows where your risks are. The people who do the work generally know where the risks are, specifically in the tasks that they do – BUT they may not be aware of the true implications of those risks – and neither may you.

Our Online Mini-Course “Managing Operational Risk in a Small Business” is designed for small and medium sized organizations. It presents you with a structured approach for identifying, assessing and managing those risks.

Just give us 90 minutes of your time and a payment of a really LOW fee and the secrets of successful Operational Risk management are yours.

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