Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mobile Payments Surge Could Opens Door to New Era of Phishing Attacks

From The Csuite –
“The mobile payments industry continues to surge in volume - there is a risk that it will spark a new wave of phishing attacks suggests one industry specialists.

At Agari, we predict that the rapid adoption of new mobile payment systems will drive a spike in the volume of phishing emails aimed at payment customers in the later half of 2015.

Last year, our ‘State of Email Trust’ report, which measures the amount of fraudulent email sent using a company’s domain, revealed that the payments industry had a ThreatScore of under two until the second half of the year, when the number jumped up to 23 in Q3 and 39 in Q4.

This makes payments customers almost 13 times more likely to be attacked by malicious emails in Q4. European banks also saw their ThreatScore rise from 2 in Q1 to 30 in Q3.”

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