Friday, 24 July 2015

Apple Pay Gets a High-End Competitor

From The Motley Fool –

“Silicon Valley is in a rush to replace your credit card - well, the actual card itself. The two largest mobile operating system vendors – Google and Apple - are looking to replace plastic with their spin on the mobile wallet: Android Pay and Apple Pay, respectively. But it appears there's a third new entrant to compete with Apple on the high end while starting an intra-device rivalry with Google's Android Pay.

That's right: Google Android's most-popular luxury vendor, Samsung is testing its version of a wallet/payment system, unoriginally dubbed Samsung Pay. Samsung Tomorrow, the company's official blog site, outlines its limited test for select customers in its home country of South Korea. When it comes to handset competitor Apple, however, the company does have a rather large advantage with its Samsung Pay technology.”

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