Tuesday, 11 August 2015

‘10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: Lessons in Preparedness, Response, and Resilience’

This August marks the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the costliest storm ever to make landfall in the United States; and a new report published by Marsh looks at the lessons that can be learned from the event.

In ‘10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: Lessons in Preparedness, Response, and Resilience’, executives from Marsh reflect on how property insurance, claims, analytics, risk engineering, and crisis management have changed since Katrina; and explain what we've learned from Katrina and other disasters about protecting people, property, and profits.

The key takeaways from the report include:
  • The importance of reading and understanding your insurance policies cannot be underestimated.
  • The benefits of ‘drilling’ your insurance policy to understand how it will respond to potential disasters.
  • Why providing high-quality data for catastrophe (CAT) models is essential.
  • How a robust business continuity and crisis management plan protects people and profits.
The report concludes that businesses can mitigate their risks and increase their resilience by focusing on four areas:
  1. Protect your property,
  2. Protect your profits,
  3. Protect your people,
  4. Protect your future.
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