Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How do you know when it's time to outsource your ATMs?

From ATM Marketplace –

“There are something like 6,800 FDIC-insured banking institutions in the U.S., and every one of them has a reason to consider outsourcing some — or all — of their ATM operations. And that reason is cost.

Easiest to calculate is the cost related to fleet operation. An often-cited study by Dove Capital Partners estimated that a large bank could save almost 20 percent on its direct costs per month per ATM by outsourcing to a third-party managed services provider. This does not include additional savings on items such as contract administration, power and communications.

There are also the harder-to-quantify but no less real costs of opportunity lost because resources that might have been better used to build profits were, instead, devoted to the cost center of ATM operation, maintenance and management.”

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