Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Banks eye tech upgrades and mobile tops the list

From Mobile Payments Today –

“Financial institution executives are thinking about how consumers interact with their smartphones, and it's not just about mobile banking.

Of the financial institution executives who took the 2015 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends survey:
  • 90 percent said their institution was either considering, piloting or rolling out a branch transformation project;
  • 55 percent said they were planning to implement mobile ATM withdrawals via NFC in the near future; and
  • 69 percent said they were planning to implement at least some type of mobile-ATM integration within the next few years.
In the questionnaire for the first edition of the ATM Software Trends in 2007-2008, nobody would have even thought to ask such questions. Today, the entire ATM industry is asking them.”

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