Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How Many Ways Can You Hide A Bribe? The Best of the FIFA Indictment

From Screamer –

‘“There are some people here who think they are more pious than thou. If you’re pious, open a church, friends. Our business is our business.”

That’s what federal investigators claim Jack Warner said after learning that a representative of a Caribbean Football Union member association had contacted CONCACAF offices in New York about some payments being made in envelopes. Warner, who held various international soccer titles including FIFA vice-president, didn’t sound amused at the loose lips. Now he’s one of 14 men indicted on a slew of federal charges ranging from racketeering to wire fraud to money laundering. With a day of press buzz stripped away, none of the accusations is truly surprising, instead serving as a fancy official verification of what soccer fans have suspected all along—each vote and contract is a bundle of bribes and kickbacks that makes a bunch of old rich men even richer.’

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