Thursday, 14 November 2019

The American consumer is still using bank branches

The future of bank branches may not be as perilous as once believed. Mercator’s data shows that the American consumer is still using branches, along with a myriad of other ways of interaction with their bank. Check that data out at

Check out the video too. At around the 2:30 mark, Jamie Dimon discusses the fact that branches are not dying and that customers of all ages are using branches.

To call Jamie Dimon an influencer is an understatement. He is a center of gravity around whom others orbit. Dimon took over JPMorgan Chase in 2005, just a few years before the financial crisis struck. He has since turned the bank into the US's second-most lucrative business, raking in $32 billion in profits last year, the chairperson of the powerful Business Roundtable and a board member at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Dimon is reportedly a billionaire. Here he talks about the changes that most profoundly shape the economy and what he has learned up close from weathering them and optimizing them.

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