Sunday, 1 April 2018

FinTech – Where finance and technology meet - On-line Training Course

We are at the dawn of a new era. Startups are disrupting the world of finance and banking, and it’s only the beginning. With more and more funding going into FinTech than ever, it is clear that finance and banking are being transformed rapidly.

Traditional companies are at risk - they will have either to disrupt, or be disrupted. FinTech startups formulate new ways to deliver financial services faster, better, and at lower costs than the formal financial can. Corporates are now investing heavily and bringing in startups to help them to respond. The FinTech Revolution is here.

Do you want to understand FinTech?

Our on-line FinTech training course is focused on the hottest topics in FinTech today: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, InsurTech, RegTech, Small Business Financing, Peer to Peer Platforms, Open banking, Mobile Banking, Big Data, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Don’t lose out on the FinTech revolution.

Take our 3-part on-line training course “Understanding FinTech”.

This course carries full CPE accreditation. Each Part is at really affordable prices.

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Part 1 – FinTech Basics

Part 2 – Financial Service Functions & Innovation Clusters

Part 3 – Blockchain, Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies
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