Monday, 4 January 2016

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Training Program

Online, Distance Learning Blended Sessions for this course are being held between the following dates - 1/28 February, 2016 – 1/ 30 April, 2016 – 1/31 July, 2016 – 1/31 October, 2016

Public 2-Day Sessions

13/14 March, 2016 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

12/13 May, 2016 - Jakarta, Indonesia

10/11 August, 2016 - Bangkok, Thailand

28/29 September, 2016 - Jakarta, Indonesia

10/11 November, 2016 - Singapore

14/15 November, 2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

7/8 December, 2016 - Hong Kong

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) training course is a practical hands-on training designed for managers, professionals, consultants, internal and external auditors that deal with the complexities of enterprise wide risk management function on a daily basis.

Here is how you benefit from this course:
  • How to apply the COSO-ERM framework so you can implement an effective ERM system
  • Benchmark your ERM practices against the COSO-ERM framework so you can measure your present practices stand-up to industry standards
  • Comply with the requirements for corporate governance (such as the various international standards like the Cadbury Report)
  • Get the big picture of ERM Framework
  • Learn how to align risk appetite and strategy
  • Enhance risk response decisions
  • Reduce operational surprises and losses
  • Identify and manage multiple and cross-organizational risks
  • Provide integrated responses to multiple risks
  • Gain more confidence in doing ERM in your company/job
  • Improve the deployment of capital
  • Discover how to design and implement an appropriate Enterprise Risk Management system i.e. policies, procedures, practices, and accountability required to establish the right levels of Risk Management in compliance with current standards and other requirements for your organization
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