Friday, 1 January 2016

Apple Pay seems to have run flat

Apple Pay's Harvest: Too Many Rivals, Too Little Adoption

From Payments Source -

“Apple Inc. grabbed the early worm in mobile payments with Apple Pay's late 2014 launch, combining an intuitive mobile payments system for consumers with the buy-in of major banks and merchants. But the tech giant’s first-mover advantage never seemed to materialize.

After Apple Pay's launch, even the most tech-savvy early adopters found little reason to keep using it. Pulse's annual Debit Issuer Study, for example, found that consumers were making just 0.34 transactions per month (or roughly one transaction every three months) per eligible debit card loaded on Apple Pay as of January 2015 — the time when Apple's marketing was at its height and the market was largely clear of competition.”

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