Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mobile Banking Threats – What’s on the cards?

The Latest Data on Mobile Banking Threats
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“Mobile financial threats are now among the ranks of the top ten malicious programs that were created to steal money, according to new data from Kaspersky Lab.

In its latest security bulletin about the trends in 2015, it dives into what it calls the “rapid spread of ransomware,” which Kaspersky Lab reported being found in 200 countries and territories alone in 2015. But that’s not to say traditional financial cybercrime has gone down. In general, its data showed that cyberattacks committed against businesses doubled in 2015.

Kaspersky’s data shows that its lab solutions blocked “almost 2 million” attempts to launch malware that the firm says is capable of stealing money through online banking using computers. This was a 2.8 percent increase from the year prior.”

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