Tuesday, 15 December 2015

46% of Americans Are Cheating on Their Bank, Survey Finds

From GOBankingRates –

“While some bank customers choose to stick with just one bank, other depositors spread their business across two or more institutions. Both choices have benefits and drawbacks.

One mistake that can hurt bank customers is overlooking this decision altogether. Many Americans might stick with the bank they’ve always had by default and simply haven’t considered that there are better options. Customers of multiple banks, on the other hand, could be exposing themselves to more fees if they aren’t choosing the best banks or the best offers.

How and where you bank matters and can affect every part of your finances, from loans and investments to daily budgeting and long-term saving. A survey from GOBankingRates reveals how Americans manage their banking relationships. Here’s a look at how many bank customers are monogamous in their bank relationship or cheat on their bank with several financial institutions — and how you can make the best choice for your money.”

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