Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Benefits of In-House Training

Have you ever considered In-House Training to meet you staff training requirements? Have you ever considered the considerable benefits that In-House Training can bring to your organization?

Citadel Advantage Training provides tailored training solutions delivered at a location of your choice. Using the combination of the experience of our conference and course trainers and the specific needs of your organization, we can deliver a cost effective training solution in a format which best meets your organizational goals.

By using our In-House training, you will benefit from the expertise and knowledge that is associated with Citadel Advantage gained over many years of hands-on in--the-field experience.

Whether it is one-to-one coaching or group training for a small team or an entire department, Citadel Advantage In-House Training will provide you with a development program to meet your business objectives.

Citadel Advantage offers a wide and comprehensive range of professional courses and training for commercial and central banks in the three core areas of operational risk management, payment systems and operations/back office management.

Examine our wide range of course offerings at http://www.citadeladvantage.com/catalog.htm

Benefits of In-house Training include:

A tailored solution to fit around your organizational needs
  • Our product offering ranges from our off the shelf conferences or courses to creating a specific training solution to meet your organizations exact needs.
Experienced trainers with in-depth knowledge
  • Our small team of trainers are professionals who are not only experts in their field but also have extensive in-depth business-specific knowledge, with exceptional ability to communicate this to participants.
  • Our trainers have a long standing track record of delivering outstanding training programs in the UK, USA, Europe, Africa, China, Dubai, Singapore, & Hong Kong
Better working practices and improved internal communications
  • When training at a team level, your staff achieve more than just training on the course subject area.
  • In-house training allows the team to interact in a positive way with co-workers at a peer level as well as management providing added organizational benefits.
Reduced costs
  •  Save money on costs associated with expensive air- travel to training venues, hotel accommodation, meals and time out of the office.
In-depth evaluation
  • Extensive feedback package following the training, with contributions from the facilitator as well as the participants.
To discuss your organizations training needs please contact Richard Barr by e-mail at richard@citadeladvantage.com
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