Saturday, 3 October 2015

The hazards of outing ATM malware

From ATM Marketplace -

"In December 2013, Russian antivirus software developer Dr. Web announced that it had added protection to its ATM Shield product to block Trojan.Skimer.18 malware.

Threats followed immediately, according to a post on the Dr. Web blog. A message from either the programmer or the crime syndicate (Dr. Web isn't sure which) read, in part:
  • ... the development of Dr.Web_ATM_shield threatens activity of Syndicate with multi-million dollar profit. Hundreds of criminal organizations throughout the world can lose their earnings.
  • You have a WEEK to delete all references about ATM.Skimmer from your web resource. Otherwise syndicate will stop cash-out transactions and send criminal for your programmers’ heads.
When Dr. Web proved to be indifferent to the idea of criminal organizations losing their earnings, the "syndicate" firebombed Dr. Web offices. Twice."

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