Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How much ATM bombings costs SA banks

From Business Tech –

“ATM bombings have cost local banks at least R40 million rand so far in 2015.

This is according to EWN, citing the South African Bank Risk Information Center (Sabric).

Sabric CEO, Kalyani Pillay told EWN that, while ATM bombings have declined 27%, the company has seen an “increase in advanced methods used by criminals to carry out the robberies”.

The South African Police Service released crime statistics for 2015, last month, showing that bank robbery was down 19.0%, while robbery of cash in transit was down 17.9%.

Rand Daily Mail reported that overall, banks lost about R100-million more than in 2014, to R300-million in 2015 from all forms of robbery.”

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