Friday, 14 August 2015

Lessons from the Hayes conviction

From The Financial Express –

“Last week’s conviction of Tom Hayes, in the infamous London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) rigging scandal, should be an eye-opener for Indian regulatory authorities. The scandal, which peaked around 2008, involved some major banks—including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Barclays Bank—artificially understating the interest rate.

While it may no longer be shocking to hear Hayes pleading that such interest rate manipulations were common knowledge, both to his seniors and the banking sector in general, it may be heartening to note that RBI has taken proactive steps to counter similar manipulations of MIBOR—Mumbai Interbank Offered Rate—which was originally set up on the lines of LIBOR. Although it is not a global benchmark like LIBOR, it is, as the NSE defines it, the “yardstick for the money market”, serving as a reference in the interest rate swap market in India and a benchmark rate for majority of deals struck for interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements, floating rate debentures and term deposits.”

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