Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Problems Bitcoin May Face in the Nearest Future

From Huff Post Tech –

“If you know what Bitcoin is and have been following its development, you've probably heard the news. Stock exchanges have begun to take bitcoins seriously. This looks like a breakthrough, especially considering the fact that the NYSE now uses Bitcoin-like mechanisms when issuing securities. What is more, the NYSE has even announced the launch of the first bitcoin index (NYXBT). Isn't that a sign that the currency has been accepted at the highest levels of world economy?

But it's only one side of a coin. The real issue is the inner problems of the Bitcoin project. And they simply can't be ignored if the system is to scale up and continue to work. The Bitcoin architecture itself has some features that will eventually become major hurdles as Bitcoin popularity continues to grow. If these fundamental restrictions are not addressed, Bitcoin may practically cease to exist.”

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