Monday, 8 June 2015

FATCA Compliance

1 July 2015 – London

Compliance Workshop for Foreign Financial Institutions

Even though FATCA is now operative, many foreign financial institutions (FFIs) and associated organisations are still not clear on what they should be doing.

Under FATCA all foreign financial institutions must disclose U.S. account holders and their account activities. Failure to comply with FATCA will be costly and may subject foreign financial institutions to a 30% withholding tax on U.S.-sourced payments.

If you are still not certain as how to exactly comply with the FATCA requirements and set up all the necessary structures and controls, this very practical one day course is just for you.

You will understand
  • The technical requirements of FATCA
  • How FATCA compliance can be effectively achieved and
  • A detailed look at all the necessary internal controls and certification considerations
  • How to provide support for your clients
This intermediate level course explores FATCA requirements and guidance as set out by HMRC but is also very relevant for participants from abroad.

What You Will Learn

By the end of the programme you will have a solid understanding of:
  • FATCA obligations and how to comply with them
  • Intergovernmental Agreements Model I & II and their structure
  • Learn what due diligence is in the FATCA sense and how it should be performed
  • Who are the responsible officers and what are their obligations
  • What is acceptable documentary evidence and dealing with ‘self-certification’
  • Learn which financial products are to be reported on and which are exempted from FATCA reporting
  • How to set up internal controls and address operational challenges
  • Providing support for your clients
  • Have an understanding of the progressive reporting requirements over the next several years
  • Know where to obtain ongoing guidance and clarification…and much more

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