Monday, 13 November 2017

Do you still have training budget for 2017?

November is already here – 2017 is beginning to run down. Before we know it December will be upon us.

I have two simple questions for you.
  • Did you achieve all you set out to do in 2017?
  • Do you still have budget left for 2017 training?
There is still time to reach those corporate and personal goals and targets before the year draws to a close.

Citadel Advantage provides a full range of specialist training courses covering Fintech, ERM, Operations Risk, Business Continuity, International Trade Finance, Securities Settlement ...and many more.

All our training programs are also available for In-House delivery.

While the benefits of in-house training are obvious, all too few of us ever explore that option. I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to discuss our various in-house training options.

In-house courses and workshops can be customized to ensure that they meet your unique needs.

Your staff is your greatest asset. In-house training allows you to minimize costs while increasing its effectiveness and impact on your staff. If you thought in-house training was just for the other guy or that your institution was too small, think again! We'll come to you, wherever and whenever you need.

Your team needs training. Why not hold a private course? You will find that our programs exceptionally cost effective - and what could be more important in these financial times. In-house training makes more than common sense, it makes economic sense.

All our public courses are available as in-house courses. For a full range of what we offer please see our course catalogue at

Additionally we are also able to tailor our courses to your company's / banks specific requirements. We'll work with you to develop either a one-time or a long-term training program.

For a detailed needs analysis and quotation, please e-mail Citadel Advantage at

Monday, 6 November 2017

FinTech On-line Training at REALLY affordable prices

Do you want to understand FinTech?

Take our 3-part on-line training course “Understanding FinTech”. All carry CPE accreditation. All are at really affordable prices.  

Use Coupon Code Citadel10 for a 10% discount.

Part 1 – FinTech Basics 

Part 2 – Financial Service Functions & Innovation Clusters

Part 3 – Blockchain, Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies

Monday, 23 October 2017

Heads up: Honolulu’s phone ban

From The Economist

“Distracted walking” becomes illegal in Hawaii’s capital this week, enforced by fines of up to $99. With one of the highest pedestrian-fatality rates in the country, it is the first big American city to prohibit pedestrians from crossing the road while looking at phones or other gadgets. Pedestrian fatalities in America rose 11% last year, to nearly 6,000; mobile phones are blamed for more than 11,000 distracted-walking injuries between 2000 and 2011. Critics of the law worry about government overreach, and say that lowering speed limits, or cracking down on intoxication (of both drivers and pedestrians), would work better. Augsburg in Germany has tried another approach, embedding lights into pavements to catch the attention of downward-looking phone users and let them know when to cross a road. Before signing the bill, Honolulu’s mayor, Kirk Caldwell, lamented the need for such laws, but said: “sometimes we lack common sense”.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

New On-line Courses from Citadel Advantage

INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCE (a full course in four parts)

Although the full course is divided into four parts, which together form a complete picture of international trade, its various instruments, its operations and its financing, each part may be
studied as a stand-alone unit.

This course will be of especial interest to banking, business, and import/export professionals who wish to expand their knowledge base as well as enhance their expertise and advance their careers in or gain a deeper understanding of the international trade finance arena.

The course provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding all aspects of International Trade Finance in a global context, covering the key principles, concepts, infrastructures, practices, issues, and current developments.
Part 1 - Trade Finance Instruments

Part 2 - Payment Instruments

Part 3 - International Payment Systems
Part 4 - Supply Chain Finance - COMING SOON

Please click on the Part Title for more information
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